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Ideal for anyone who wishes to explore the ochre coloured, wind eroded and untamed wildness of the Mustang region without having to trek hard and long. This jeep adventure of 14 days takes you into the once forbidden mountainscape and provides you with an adventurous Nepal cultural tour.

Explore the vibrant streets of Kathmandu with its plentiful sights, sounds and stories. Soar above the astonishing peaks of the Himalayas by plane, enjoying one of the most stunning panoramic views of the world. Enter your jeep at Pokhara and experience the untamed, arid and high-altitude mountain desert landscape in a way you could never imagine. Wallow in the eye-catching views of the Himalayas, the Kali Gandaki Valley and the Tibetan Plateau on your way to the fabled walled city of Lo Mantgang, the capital of Mustang.

Our Jeep Tour itinerary offers adventurous and culture loving travelers a spectacular journey through the untamed wildness of the Mustang region to create lifelong memories in one of the most stunning destinations in the world. Discuss itinerary options and extensions with our Asia Travel Experts.

Valley and the Tibetan Plateau providing you with a spectacular journey.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Kathmandu

Meet your guide at the airport and travel together to your hotel for check-in. After you have settled in, your guide will give you an overview of the following days of the trip and will submit your passports and 2 of your passport photos for the Upper Mustang permit.

Day 2: Kathmandu

Obtaining the Upper Mustang permits requires a full working day for which your original passports with Nepali visa is needed to show at the permit office.

During the day, you will be guided through the streets of Kathmandu by a local, allowing you to take in the sights, sounds and stories of the definitive highlights of the cultural capital of Nepal. Along the way, you will pass a cluster of elegant temples including Swayambhunath or ‘Monkey Temple’. Climb the 365 steps that lead up to this temple, located on the top of a hill, where you can see the 2,000 year old Buddhist Chaityas. After you have taken in the sweeping views of Kathmandu from the top of the hill, the tour will continue to Kathmandu Durbar Square. This is the heart of the Old City and is famed for its many temples which are centuries old, market squares, and its myths, legends and stories. You will round it off with an interesting stroll through the vibrant backstreets and spice markets back to your hotel.

Day 3: Kathmandu to Pokhara

On your way from Kathmandu to Pokhara, you will have a stunning flight with panorama views that the guidebooks and postcards rightly find irresistible. The journey is just 25 minutes and gives you the chance to catch a glimpse of the humpy Himalayan foothills, the backdrop of the stunning Himalayan Peaks of which Macchapuchhre is the most picturesque one and the still waters of Fewa Lake adorn the beauty of this pretty town.

You will meet your guide for the Upper Mustang journey on arrival at the airport who will run you through the final preparations for your tour, starting tomorrow.

Day 4: Pokhara to Thasang

As you board your 4 Wheel Drive vehicle, and head out of Pokhara into the lower reaches of the Kali Gandaki Valley, your wild overland journey begins.

Once you have reached Beni, you will say goodbye to the smooth tarmac roads once and for all and experience the dusty 4 Wheel Drive track that skirts the river. The road will not only become dusty, but there is also quite a climb ahead.

After you have passed Tatopani the dust will give way to cobbles and the climb will start. First, you will get a hold of the Niligiri Himal and as you ascend further, the mesmerizing peak of Dhaulagiri and the Annapurnas will come into sight.

Finally, things begin to level out as the Kali Gandaki Valley broadens out and soon you will enjoy the comfort of the spectacularly located Thassang Village Lodge. It is perched high above the valley and looming immediately above you, is Dhaulagiri in all its splendour. Across the valley are the Nilgiri peaks and the Annapurnas.

Day 5: Thasang to Kagbeni

Today everything changes! You will head back down to the valley floor and onto the stony jeep track, which now rises less acutely up towards Jomsom. Soon, the trees will start to disappear and as you approach Jomsom, all vegetation disappears abruptly, marking the furthest extent of the Himalayan rain shadow. On your right side, the sharp peak of Nilgiri South is more spectacular than ever before and the arid landscape of the Mustang Region is stretched out before you, showing the upper reaches of the Kali Gandaki. From now on, the villages have a distinctly Tibetan flavor to them.

After a 3 hour drive, your overnight stay is in Kagbeni. Meet the locals and the massive amount of goats! Kagbeni has been designed as a fortress town and was rather important during the famous salt trade times between Tibet and Nepal. This village shows you a perfect example of the villages in the Mustang region in terms of architecture, along with Tibetan Buddhist monuments and symbols, and marks the beginning of the Upper Mustang region.

Day 6: Kagbeni – the Kali Gandaki River Valley – Charang

Prepare for a 5/6 hour drive through the stunning Kali Gandaki River Valley. After the permits are checked at the police post in Kagbeni, the jeep track skirts along the side of the Kali Gandaki River Valley. Whether there is any water in the river depends on what time of the year you’re undertaking the journey. Usually, the broad floor looks more like a level boulder field from October to mid-May. Take a walk onto the river bed and you may just hear water flowing underneath or find fossils, showing that this now high-altitude region was once the sea bed of the Tethys Ocean.

Along the way you can have a stop and explore the small village of Thangbe to see how their carefully tended terraced fields are irrigated in a landscape that is otherwise dry and barren wilderness.

At Chusang, there is a river tributary to cross and shortly afterwards, the Kali Gandaki River bed itself. At certain times of the year, it may not be possible for the vehicle you’ve been travelling in so far to make the crossing safely, particularly between June and October. When it is not possible to cross the river bed, you will change to a locally chartered jeep. Outwith the summer period, it is usually a straightforward case of driving across a stony, flat and wide dried up river bed.

After crossing the Kali Gandaki River Valley, the jeep track climbs away from the valley to cross some high passes and eventually drops down into Charang where you will spend the night.

Day 7: Charang

After yesterday’s journey to Charang, it is time to take a day off and explore the second largest village of the Upper Mustang area. To give the legs a good stretch, you could take a hike up to the fascinating Ghar Gompa; a Buddhist monastery sitting atop a hill affording you stunning views of the Mustang region.

Day 8: Charang to Lo Manthang

From Charang, you will move on to Lo Manthang. Along the way, you will go over another mountain pass of around 4000m and then a slight descent after which you will soon arrive at the fabled city of Lo Manthang. It is somewhat small for a city as it has less than 200 homes and around 875 inhabitants. You will most likely have the entire afternoon to explore Lo Manthang.

Day 9: Lo Manthang

After the journey to Lo Manthang, it is up to you whether you want to take a two hour round trip hike to visit the Namgyal Monastery or a six hour round trip walk to visit some ancient caves. Alternatively, you have the possibility of visiting these caves by jeep. Another possibility is the walk of 2 hours up to the ruins of a fortress from where you can have splendid panoramic views over Lo Manthang and on clear days, the snowy peaks of the Annapurnas may be seen. You can always decide to stay local and head out into the surrounding farm lands to see how things are done here.

Day 10: Lo Manthang to Chusang

After a day of exploring Lo Manthang and its surroundings, it is time to head back to Chusang. This time, the Himalayas form your horizon, getting closer as you progress. After a 5-6 hour drive with an eye-catching view, you will arrive in Chusang and get the opportunity of taking a hike to explore the fascinating and picturesque ancient village of Tetang.

Day 11: Chusang to Jomsom

Heading back from Chusang to Jomsom along the side of the Kali Gandaki Valley, the mighty Himalayan peaks get closer and closer. Onwards, the Nilgiri South Peak becomes even more impressive and the bulk of Dhaualgiri comes into view. The drive will end around lunch time in Jomsom where you will spend the night.

Day 12: Jomsom to Pokhara

You will leave Jomsom in the morning, taking an 18 minute flight to Pokhara where you will receive a private transfer to your hotel. As you are back in the balmy sub-tropical climate, it might feel a lot warmer to you than everyone else. With its spectacular scenery and adventure activities, you can easily fill your day off in Pokhara.

Day 13: Pokhara to Kathmandu

It is time to fly back to Kathmandu and enjoy a free day in this intoxicating, amazing and exhausting place. This endlessly fascinating place has enough sights to keep you busy during the day and allows you to explore the real Nepal.

Day 14: Departure Kathmandu

At last, you will depart from Kathmandu’s airport and round off your memorable experience in Nepal.

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Lodge/Hotels each night of the itinerary (excluding your departure day). All GetAboutAsia accommodation is handpicked by us. Upgrades are available for this itinerary.


•    Full board meal basis except in Kathmandu & Pokhara where it will be on bed and breakfast basis
•    All airport transfers
•    All internal flights
•    Monastery entry fees 
•    Annapurna Conservation Area fee
•    Private 4 wheel drive jeep from Pokhara to Jomsom and back
•    Guided tour in Kathmandu with private vehicle and entry fees
•    Services of the guide on the jeep trip
•    Upper Mustang permit


It is possible to add a 5-day homestay trip either before or after the Upper Mustang Jeep Tour. Ask us for more information.

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