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Malaysia & Singapore

Malaysia is a country of vast contrasts and incredible diversity, a bustling melting pot of races and religions that is home to cosmopolitan cities with towering skyscrapers, postcard perfect tropical island beaches, ancient jungle ecosystems and Southeast Asia’s highest peak.

Malaysians are known for their pleasant demeanour and their laid back way of life. The country is made up of numerous ethnic, religious and cultural groups. Muslim Malays, Hindu and Muslim Indians as well as religiously diverse Chinese all co-exist with the indigenous tribes creating an incredibly unique and diverse cultural mix. This is reflected in the countries incredible variety of food, among the most delicious in the region.

Whether you are looking for relaxation on some of the beautiful island beaches, to challenge yourself by conquering Mt Kinabalu or having a close encounter with our closest relative, the Orang Utan, Malaysia offers everything you could want for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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"We enjoyed Penang, Cameron Highlands ( especially hotel) and the Aloft hotel in Langkawi. Thanks for your help with our second trip with you." — Nicholas, Melbourne, July 2019

"We had a fabulous time in Borneo… love the surprise birthday cake … THANK YOU" — Mr and Mrs Crisp, Sunshine Coast, September 2018
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