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Travel for Over 55's

More than half of our customers are over 55. Our Asia Travel Experts will advise you on everything you need to know to ensure you have an adventurous, but safe, stress-free and comfortable trip. No matter what your age, life is too short to travel on rigid, group bus tours!

Because we’re a small focused team we take the time to understand your interests and preferences. We work with you to create your ideal itinerary. We've done all the hard work to provide personalised, private travel experiences at group tour prices. You're unique with your own interests, budget and schedule requirements, so travel at your own pace and get the most out of your holiday.

Just about all destinations have comfortable accommodation options. Although Asian hotels do not satisfy Western star ratings, our local relationships ensure you will have the best experience possible. Our guides and operators work with lots of different customers, including families with small children, young couples, and retirees. We are experienced at ensuring all our customers’ needs are met.

Our staff take your food requirements seriously. However, restaurants may not be equipped to meet every need, and some requests require forward planning. Please discuss your food requirements with our staff before you travel.

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